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AABC Annual Meeting – Meeting Program

Wednesday, October 9th


AABC Open Golf Tournament

Shotgun starts at 8:00 am. Rental Clubs – $85 plus tax.

Get Acquainted Reception

Thursday, October 10th

All sessions will take place in the Baron’s Ballroom.


General Business Session

Coffee Break


Relative Humidity Levels in Operating Rooms: The Effect on the Contamination Levels

Dr. Jennifer Wagner, Onsite, LLC

Ensuring an aseptic airborne environment in the operating room is crucial to reducing microbial and particle contamination during surgery. This study aimed to determine if certain levels of relative humidity (RH) improve the OR air delivery system’s effectiveness at clearing contamination from critical zones. Using the Environmental Quality Indicator (EQI) method, we tested RH levels of 20%, 35%, and 50% over three days in two orthopedic ORs. Results showed that RH levels of 35% and 50% were statistically cleaner in terms of microbial contaminants compared to 20%.


AABC Technology Theater



Wade Conlan from ASHRAE presenting at AABC Annual Meeting 2024
Sarah Maston from ASHRAE presenting at AABC Annual Meeting 2024

Impact of Pressure on Building Systems Performance

Wade H. Conlan, P.E., CxA, LEED AP, ASHRAE
Sarah E. Maston, P.E., LEED AP, ASHRAE

This session is meant to discuss how pressure in duct systems, spaces, buildings, and across components impacts the commissioning process and successes. Duct leakage in new and existing buildings is a potential source of wasted system energy and performance that can be mitigated. Pressure drops across components, such as an existing cooling coil, can greatly reduce the AHUs ability to condition the spaces. This session will discuss different requirements for duct sealing, pressure readings, and overall systems performance in relation to these items.

Coffee Break

Open Wire Electric Heaters – How They Work and How They Don’t

Gus Faris, Nailor

Open wire electric heaters have been used for comfort heating for decades, but their controls have become more sophisticated. These controls manage normal operations and protect against abnormal conditions. This talk will demonstrate how to set and adjust airflows and temperatures to protect structures and occupants while avoiding excessive noise.

Stan Spaulding

Field Leadership and Management: Making the transition from TAB Technician to Supervisor

Justin Garner, PE, TBE, CxA, Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.
Stan Spaulding, The Achilles Group

At a previous AABC Annual Meeting, we discussed the career path of TAB professionals and the need to develop new talent. This session will focus on the leadership and management expectations of a TAB field supervisor, covering techniques to develop leadership skills, address project challenges, and outline management skills for scheduling, reporting, and scope definition on TAB projects.


Policies and Procedures & Ethics Presentation

AABC Executive Committee

Members Only.

Archery and Picnic

Friday, October 11th



The Art of the Change Order

Jeremy Johnson, American Testing, Inc.
Brian Venn, Mechanical Testing, Inc.

Test and Balance businesses rely on efficient manpower to succeed and remain profitable. This presentation will focus on optimizing time management, refining business processes, and addressing lost labor time. We will discuss when to minimize change orders and strategies for successfully writing and securing them.

Coffee Break

Understanding Air Handling Unit (AHU) Controls to Perform Total System Balancing

Chris Stevenson, HTS

This presentation helps TAB professionals understand the processes a controls contractor follows on all jobs. This includes creating and approving a controls submittal, which serves as a blueprint for installation, program logic, and the front-end interface. After installation, a controls technician performs point-to-point verification, calibrations, and sequence verification, preparing the system for TAB’s work.

David Rodriquez
Matthew Little

Document Control – Exploring TAB Workflow and Software Solutions

David Rodriguez and Matt Little, Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.

Implementing document control workflows and software solutions can greatly enhance information transfer from project startup to final reporting. This presentation will showcase methods to ensure teams have the most current project documentation, provide an in-depth look at using Bluebeam for consistent takeoffs and robust as-builts, and present Autodesk Construction Cloud workflows that empower teams both on and off the jobsite.


Sponsor and Exhibitor Showcase

Join the exhibitor presentation featuring drawings and giveaways!

Celebration Dinner

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