AABC Board of Directors and Officers

Mike Delcamp, TBE
National Precisionaire LLC
Executive Vice President
  Benjiman J. Link, TBE
  United Testing & Balancing, Inc.

  Michael S. Kelly, TBE, CxA
  American Testing Inc.

Vice President/Eastern Zone I
   Brian G. Venn, TBE, CxA
   American Testing Inc.

Vice President/Central Zone II
Douglas R. Meacham, TBE
Kahoe Air Balance Company
Vice President/Western Zone III
Gaylon Richardson, TBE
Engineered Air Balance Co, Inc.
Immediate Past President
Daniel J. Acri, TBE, CxA, EMP
Flood and Sterling, Inc.
Director, Canadian Chapter
Marc Desjardins, TBS
Kanata Air Balance & Engineering Services
Executive Director
Kenneth M. Sufka

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Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 737-0202
Fax: (202) 315-0285
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.aabc.com