Tackling the Challenges of Repeatable Ultra-Low Flow Measurements

Flow Measurements

Tackling the Challenges of Repeatable Ultra-Low Flow Measurements


RSA was approached to serve as an expert witness in a case against an equipment manufacturer, tasked with measuring and recording airflows below 25 CFM. The actual airflow ranged between 4-7 CFM, presenting significant measurement challenges. To address this, we collaborated with Evergreen Telemetry and utilized their low flow plate to ensure accurate and reliable readings. Through a process of trial and error, we successfully achieved consistent and repeatable measurements using various methods and techniques.

Learning Objectives:

1.       Understanding Ultra-Low Flow Readings and Their Challenges
2.       Best Practices for Test and Air Balance in Ultra-Low Flow Scenarios
3.       Instrumentation Limitation for Accurate Low Flow Measurements
4.       Effects of Back Pressure on Velocity and Accuracy
5.       Data Analysis and Scrutiny of Results

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Sep 18 2024


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