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AABC Tab Journal winter 2013 Issue
Special Report: Test and Balance in Buildings
From the Publisher:
The Winter 2013 issue of TAB Journal features articles on variable speed pumping, temporary flexible ductwork, techniques for balancing valves properly, emphasizing
customer service, and methods of duct leakage testing.

A special report, “Test and Balance in Buildings,” highlights trends in the profession based upon survey data provided by AABC members that identifies TAB projects by the
frequency of service performed and by building type.

“Variable Speed Pumping: Setting and Documenting Flows” by Christopher C. Dennis, TBE, provides information on how to balance a pump controlled by VFD, and how the
procedure has changed over the years.

“Testing Issues with Temporary Flexible Ductwork” by Bryan Lacy, TBE, is a discussion of the possible challenges that may arise during a project that includes installing
temporary flexible ductwork.

“Tech Tip: The Dirt on Balancing Valves” by Medard Leblanc, TBS, shares insight about how to properly size a balancing valve—including some methods that should be avoided.

“Pay Attention to the Patient,” by Bradley J. Steiskal, TBE, CxA, focuses on customer service, as it pertains to the test and balance customer and common concerns they might

“Duct Leakage Testing,” by Mike Van Wiechen, TBS, touches on the different methods that may be used to determine acceptable leakage rates when performing duct leakage testing during a project.

We would like to thank all of the authors for their contributions to this issue of TAB Journal. Please contact us with any comments, article suggestions, or questions to be addressed in a future Tech Talk. We look forward to hearing from you!

Table of Contents:
Variable Speed Pumping: Setting and Documenting Flows. 2
Christopher C. Dennis, TBE

Testing Issues with Temporary Flexible Ductwork. 8
Bryan Lacy, TBE
Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.

Tech Tip: The Dirt on Balancing Valves. 11
Medard Leblanc, TBS
Scan Air Balance 1998 Ltd.

Pay Attention to the Patient . 12
Bradley J. Steiskal, TBE, CxA
Kahoe Air Balance Company

Test and Balance in Buildings. 15
Ray Bert and Lexi Gray
Staff members, Associated Air Balance Council

Duct Leakage Testing . 18
Mike Van Wiechen, TBS
Airwaso Canada Inc.