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AABC Tab Journal spring 2013 Issue
Analzying and Controlling Airflow
From the Publisher:
The Spring 2013 issue of TAB Journal focuses on topics concerning airflow analysis and control. First, Alan Little, TBE, of Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc., explains the important correlation between minimum CFM and choosing the correct terminal box size. Next, Surrinder Sahota, TBS, of Designtest & Balance Co., Inc., provides a comprehensive look at how best to control variable airflow rates. Finally, Kevin Underwood, TBE, of Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc., presents a case study on system effect.

Also in this issue…

Frederick Seed, TBE, of Arizona Air Balance Company, explains why duct leakage testing is particularly important in hospital and laboratory environments.

Timothy Demchuk, TBE, of Precision Air Balance Company, Inc., takes a close look at why not all variable frequency drives (VFDs) are created equal.

In “Effective Fire System Testing from Door to Door,” Ray Armstrong of Mechanical Test & Balance takes readers on a step-by-step testing of fire life safety systems.

Mechanical Data Corporation’s Brandon Johnson, TBE, outlines the differences between belt-driven and direct drive fans, and also explores a new technology for air handling systems called “fan banding.”

And finally, this issue’s Tech Talk answers questions regarding the best instruments to use when testing exhaust and return systems and how where and when to use volume dampers.

Table of Contents:
Minimum CFM and Terminal Box Sizing: What a TAB agent should know, 3
Alan Little, TBE
Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.

Controlling Variable Air Flow Rates, 6
Surrinder Sahota, TBS
Designtest & Balance Co., Ltd.

System Effect: Case Study, 10
Kevin Underwood, TBE
Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.

The Importance of Duct Leakage Testing in Hospitals, 15
Frederick A. Seed, TBE
Arizona Air Balance Company

Direct Drive Fans & Fan Banding: A New Direction for Air Handling Systems, 18
Branden Johnson, TBE
Mechanical Data Corporation

Effective Fire System Testing from Door to Door, 20
Ray Armstrong
Mechanical Test & Balance

Not All VFDs Are Created Equal, 22
Timothy J. Demchuk, TBE
Precision Air Balance Company, Inc.

Tech Talk, 23