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AABC Tab Journal fall 2013 Issue
Testing and Improving Building Performance
From the Publisher:
The Fall 2013 issue of TAB Journal covers a broad range of topics from the test and balance field.

Mat Chenevert, TBE, of Air Systems Engineering, Inc., looks at some considerations to keep in mind when interchanging ducts of different dimensions.

David Parker, TBE, of Thermocline Corp., determines the cause of air loss in a case study involving an energy recovery unit.

Rudy Franz, TBE, of Senco Services, discusses the location of static and differential pressure sensors and the impact they can have on system efficiency.

Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.’s Gar Conaway, TBE, outlines the pitfalls of working with duct fittings with a 90° elbow, and offers some alternatives to diminish pressure losses.

Glen Varner, TBE, of Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc., takes a look at the practice of “false loading” with cooling coils and under what circumstances it provides the desired results.

And finally, William K. Thomas Jr., TBE, of Thomas-Young Associates, Inc., makes the case for testing and balancing early in the building construction project.

Table of Contents:
Understanding Equivalent Duct Diameter
Mat Chenvert TBE
Air Systems Engineering, Inc.

Causes of Air Loss in Energy Recovery Unit
David Parker, TBE
Thermocline Corp.

Pressure Sensor Location - Not a Trivial Matter
Rudy Franz, TBE
Senco Services

When a Right Angle is Wrong
Gar Conaway, TBE
Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.

False Loading Cooling Coils: Does it Work?
Glenn M. Varner, TBE
Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.

A(nother) Case for Early-Project TAB
William K. Thomas Jr., TBE
Thomas-Young Associates, Inc.