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AABC Tab Journal fall 2015 Issue
Optimizing Testing and Balancing Results
From the Publisher:
The Fall 2015 issue of TAB Journal looks at ways to optimize testing and balancing results. Dean Ferreira, TBE, CxA, of MESA3, Inc. discusses newer energy efficiency standards and how that has affected the design and testing of HVAC systems.

Bret Privitt, TBE, CxA, of Air Balancing Company, Inc. talks about how test and balance engineers, working in conjunction with the Commissioning and Energy Management Process, can create the best results for the benefit of building owners.

Guy W. Griffin, TBE, of Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc. details the startup of DDC controlled terminal boxes.

Branden Johnson, TBE, CxA, of Mechanical Data Corporation, makes a case for residential testing and balancing.

Joe Sieber, TBE, of American Air Balance Co., Inc., highlights the importance of a pre-balance checklist when preparing to balance a system.

Denny Whitzel, TBE, CxA, of Pacific Coast Air Balancing, details a case study which included the certification of a smoke control system.

We would like to thank all of the authors for their contributions to this issue of TAB Journal. Please contact us with any comments, article suggestions, or questions to be addressed in a future Tech Talk. We look forward to hearing from you!

Table of Contents:
Changes to Efficiency Standards and Effects on Balancing
Dean Ferreira, TBE, CxA
MESA3, Inc.

High Performance Team
Bret Privitt, TBE, CxA
Air Balancing Company, Inc.

Terminal Box DDC Controls Startup
Guy W. Griffin, TBE
Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.

The Case for Residential Testing and Balancing
Branden Johnson, TBE
Mechanical Data Corporation

The Importance of Pre-Balance Checklist
Joe Sieber, TBE, CxA
American Air Balance Co., Inc.

Smoke Control Certification under Utility and Generator Power
Denny Whitzel, TBE, CxA
Pacific Coast Air Balancing

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