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AABC Tab Journal summer 2017 Issue
Air Barrier Testing
From the Publisher:
The Summer 2017 issue of TAB Journal looks at specifications and guidelines for air barrier testing. Denny Whitzel, TBE, CxA, of Pacific Coast Air Balancing, highlights a case study involving the balancing of a multi-story apartment building.

Also in this issue, Brian M. Trogstad, TBE, of Design Control, Inc., covers the balancing of closed water hydronic systems and common issues that are encountered.

Charles E. Adams Jr., TBE, of Air Solutions Inc., discusses the importance of explaining in detail the positive and negative implications of a system’s operation to the client.

Mike Van Wiechen, TBS, of Airwaso Canada Inc., examines the balancing of a replacement rooftop, double deck multi-zone air handling unit.

And finally, Michael T. Renovich, TBE, CxA, of RSAnalysis, Inc., looks at the project specifications and the effect they have on project performance when bidding.

We would like to thank all of the authors for their contributions to this issue of TAB Journal. Please contact us with any comments, article suggestions, or questions to be addressed in a future Tech Talk. We look forward to hearing from you!

Table of Contents:
Hydronic Balancing “5 lbs in — 5 lbs out”
Brian M. Trogstad, TBE
Design Control, Inc.

Educating the Client
Charles E. Adams Jr., TBE
Air Solutions Inc.

Commercial Apartment Air Barrier Testing
Denny Whitzel, TBE, CxA
Pacific Coast Air Balancing

The Double Deck Multi-Zone Revisited
Mike Van Wiechen, TBS
Airwaso Canada Inc.

Specification Pricing and Project Performance
Michael T. Renovich, TBE, CxA
RSAnalysis, Inc.