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AABC Tab Journal fall 2017 Issue
Improving System Performance
From the Publisher:
The Fall 2017 issue of TAB Journal covers different aspects of system performance, and working to improve indoor environments.

John A. Balanik, TBE, of R.H. Cochran and Associates, Inc., looks at the disparity that can occur between published performance data of furnaces compared to the actual CFM they are able to deliver.

Craig Burrows, TBE, of National Air Balance Company LLC, discusses how venturi size can affect a project’s performance.

Josh Green, TBE, of Environmental Test & Balance Company, LLC, highlights two different strategies towards reducing energy consumption and their impact on the building’s comfort.
Eric Lohrke, TBE, of Coastal Air Balance Corp, examines the pros and cons of variable refrigerant flow systems compared to conventional HVAC methods.

Finally, an article that first appeared in the May/June 2017 issue of Medical, Construction & Design® Magazine by Gaylon Richardson, TBE, of Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc., discusses the testing and balancing of HVAC systems in healthcare facilities.

Table of Contents:
Performance Data vs. Required Airflow
John A. Balanik, TBE
R.H. Cochran and Associates, Inc.

Size Matters
Craig Burrows, TBE
National Air Balance Company LLC

Energy-Saving Projects and Independent Testing and Balancing
Josh Green, TBE, CxA
Environmental Test & Balance Company, LLC

The Pros and Cons of Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems
Eric Lohrke
Coastal Air Balance Corp

One Objective, Many Benefits
Gaylon Richardson, TBE, CxA
Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.