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AABC Tab Journal winter 2018 Issue
Chilled Water Systems
From the Publisher:
The Winter 2018 issue of TAB Journal covers chilled water systems and a variety of other topics. In our feature story, Stewart Moen, TBE, CxA, of United Testing & Balancing, Inc., highlights a case study that involved the rebalance of a chilled water system in order to maximize the efficiency of the system.

Also in this issue, an article from A.H.S. Testing & Balancing Ltd. looks at “system effect” and the margin of error mechanical and electrical engineers have to install the required systems.

David A. Forlines, TBE, CxA, of Mid Atlantic Test & Balance, Inc., discusses a case study that utilized automatic air balance dampers for a university dormitory project.

Thomas Schlachter, PE, TBE of Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc., looks at leakage issues encountered by different manufacturers of VAV boxes, and the value of testing to address areas of non-conformity with specifications.

Finally, William K. Thomas Jr., TBE, CxA, EMP, of Thomas-Young Associates, Inc., examines the information that will be typically requested when working on military and government projects.

We would like to thank all of the authors for their contributions to this issue of TAB Journal. Please contact us with any comments, article suggestions, or questions to be addressed in a future Tech Talk. We look forward to hearing from you!

Table of Contents:
90% Will Have To Do
A.H.S. Testing & Balancing Ltd.

Automatic Air Balance Dampers
David A. Forlines, TBE, CxA
Mid Atlantic Test & Balance, Inc.

Discovering a More Efficient Chilled Water System through Proper Rebalance
Stewart Moen, TBE, CxA
United Testing & Balancing, Inc.

The Value of Submittal Box Testing
Thomas Schlachter, PE, TBE
Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.

Pre-Balance Report and Design Review for Government Projects
William K. Thomas Jr., TBE, CxA, EMP
Thomas-Young Associates, Inc.