Congratulations to New AABC Member Companies!

Congratulations to New AABC Member Companies!

AABC stands out as the premier choice for independent testing and balancing agencies. By associating with like-minded independent firms, AABC ensures that independent TAB becomes the norm rather than the exception. Focused solely on testing and balancing, AABC prioritizes TAB without distractions from other disciplines. Choosing AABC opens doors to increased business growth, as engineers frequently specify it, leading to more bid opportunities. Additionally, AABC offers advantageous partnerships with ACG and EMA, facilitating further education, networking, and business opportunities. Welcome these two new companies to join AABC.

Balance America Inc.
1185 Linda Vista Drive, Suite B
San Marcos, CA 92078
Krikor Babayan – POC
Jesse A. Jacobsmeier – TBE

Pangea Consulting Group
3324 E. Ray Rd #323
Higley, AZ
Justin Lewis, owner and TBE

Interested in Joining AABC?

We’re calling on all independent TAB firms (no affiliations with contractors, design engineers, or manufacturers) with a commitment to integrity to certify their services with the oldest and most respected testing, adjusting, and balancing association in the industry. Learn more here.

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