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Calling all Independent TAB Firms!

* Are you an independent test and balance firm? (no affiliations with contractors, design engineers, or manufacturers)
* Are you one of the highest quality TAB firms in your market?
* Is your commitment to integrity on behalf of the building owner unquestioned?

I originally certified as an AABC TBE in 2004. Soon after, I changed employment and found that company to not be fully independent, so I had to obtain alternate certification. Over the last 19 years, I have missed my AABC family, and longed to gain back my TBE certification. After becoming the owner of my current firm, I knew it would only be a matter of time before we applied for AABC Certification and started back down the journey of providing top level certification for independent, third-party building systems testing. The differences between AABC and other certifications I hold are extremely important, and ultimately are why we chose AABC as the premier certification to hold and provide.

Jon Sheppard, TBE, Atlantic Testing


Associate with Your True Peers: Other Independent TAB Firms
You’re independent for a reason. So is AABC. No other organization enforces and advocates for independent testing and balancing agencies. The more independent firms band together, the more we will be able to make independent TAB the rule rather than the exception.

Testing and Balancing-Focused
AABC is focused solely on testing and balancing. TAB issues don’t compete for attention with other disciplines within AABC—it’s all we do.

Business Growth
Engineers specify AABC more than any other TAB organization, which means more bid opportunities and more growth.

Advantageous Partners
Close working relationships with ACG (commissioning professionals) and EMA (energy management professionals), provide you excellent opportunities for additional education, networking and forming new business relationships.

AABC Membership Information:

AABC certified membership is open to independent test and balance firms worldwide that meet all eligibility requirements. Key steps include:

  • Submit a complete application application package, including test and balance reports that meet AABC Standards
  • Receive a satisfactory evaluation from an on-site investigation
  • Have at least one eligible employee receive a passing grade on the test and balance engineer (TBE) exam.

Click here to download the complete AABC Membership & Certification package, which includes a detailed listing of membership qualifications and policies, the complete application process and timeline, information on dues and fees, and the membership application and a listing of all required attachments. Please review this entire document carefully before submitting your application to AABC.

AABC Member Benefits

Members receive certification, technical training, continuing education, marketing, business resources, professional networking, and industry advocacy.

AABC offers company-level certification to independent TAB agencies who pass the industry’s most stringent evaluation process, which enables them to bid on projects where AABC certification—the industry’s gold standard—is required.

AABC also offers two levels of individual certification: the Test & Balance Engineer (TBE), and the Certified Test & Balance Technician (TBT). All AABC member agencies must have at least one certified TBE on staff. The TBE is ultimately responsible for overseeing technical operations of the company; reviewing and certifying test and balance reports; and providing supervision and training of technicians. In addition, AABC requires that all eligible technicians employed by member agencies be certified. Certified Technicians (TBT) must be competent in both air and water balancing, and must also be able to perform all work in accordance with the AABC National Standards.

Technical Training
AABC has partnered with the Engineered Air Balance Training Center to provide technical education for the betterment of the industry and AABC members. AABC Members receive a 20% discount to participate in the Fundamentals Training Program and an Advanced Air and Water Training Program.

Continuing Education
Through its own programs and collaboration with the Leaders in Building Performance (the AABC Commissioning Group and the Energy Management Association), AABC members have access to 40+ FREE CEU opportunities annually to assist them in fulfilling AABC’s mandatory continuing education requirements for all AABC-certified personnel.

Professional Networking
AABC members feel a sense of pride and a unique camaraderie that no other association can offer. Members share a common bond knowing that AABC has the highest levels of expertise and professionalism, and that the association is the only one entirely dedicated to independent testing and balancing companies. As a result, members form strong relationships across the country because they are part of an elite group of professionals who understand the importance of providing TAB services with quality, integrity, and independence.

Annual Meeting Registration
AABC annual company dues include Annual Meeting registration for one company representative and spouse/guest to attend. In addition to a general membership meeting, zone discussions, and excellent technical sessions from industry experts – the Annual Meeting includes a welcome reception, annual dinner celebration, spouse program, and many special activities and tour options. This meeting is well attended by members and is typically held at a resort destination, with locations rotating to different parts of the country each year.

New! Find & Hire Certified TAB Experts. AABC members have access to low-cost job posting with AABC’s LinkedIn Account. Click Here to learn more.

Complimentary PDF copy of the AABC National Standards and Technician Training Manual ($180 value)
The National Standards will assist the design professional in achieving design intent, provide a better understanding of the scope of work required of the TAB agency, and ensure that proper methods and procedures are followed in the test and balance process. This in-depth Technician Training Manual designed for training test and balance technicians covers all aspects of total system balance, including diagrams, illustrations and review questions. A companion Instructor’s Guide is also included to facilitate the learning process and help gauge progress.

Publication Discounts
Including the Kahoe Test & Balance Field Manual, EAB Equation Quick Guide, and ACG Building Systems Commissioning Guideline, etc.

TAB Journal
TAB Journal is a quarterly print & digital magazine, exclusively devoted to the test & balance industry. Largely written by members and for members, as well as building owners, contractors, architects, engineers, facility managers, and other HVAC professionals. All TBEs receive a complimentary copy of each issue of TAB Journal. AABC members can order bulk copies to use as marketing collateral and distribute to clients and engineers. Each issue is approved for 1 AIA Learning Unit.

AABC National Performance Guaranty
Members of AABC are authorized to include a copy of the AABC National Performance Guaranty for all projects that they complete.

Lunch & Learn Presentations
Engineers, building owners and others periodically request presentations about testing and balancing through AABC. These requests are fulfilled by AABC members and represent unique opportunities to promote TAB best practices as well as demonstrate the company’s expertise. AABC has a number of PowerPoint templates for members’ use in delivering these presentations.

Industry Advocacy
In 2021, AABC signed a memorandum of understanding with ASHRAE to advance and promote the mutual interests of their respective members. AABC also has a Memorandum of Understanding with the AABC Commissioning Group and the Energy Management Association. Together, these Leaders in Building Performance present an annual CxEnergy Conference & Expo, the premier event in commissioning, TAB, and energy management.

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