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Calling all Independent TAB Firms!

* Are you an independent test and balance firm? (no affiliations with contractors, design engineers, or manufacturers)
* Are you one of the highest quality TAB firms in your market?
* Is your commitment to integrity on behalf of the building owner unquestioned?


Associate with Your True Peers: Other Independent TAB Firms
You’re independent for a reason. So is AABC. No other organization enforces and advocates for independent testing and balancing agencies. The more independent firms band together, the more we will be able to make independent TAB the rule rather than the exception.

Testing and Balancing-Focused
AABC is focused solely on testing and balancing. TAB issues don’t compete for attention with other disciplines within AABC—it’s all we do.

Business Growth
Engineers specify AABC more than any other TAB organization, which means more bid opportunities and more growth.

Advantageous Partners
Close working relationships with ACG (commissioning professionals) and EMA (energy management professionals), provide you excellent opportunities for additional education, networking and forming new business relationships.

AABC Membership Information:

AABC certified membership is open to independent test and balance firms worldwide that meet all eligibility requirements. Key steps include:

  • Submit a complete application application package, including test and balance reports that meet AABC Standards
  • Receive a satisfactory evaluation from an on-site investigation
  • Have at least one eligible employee receive a passing grade on the test and balance engineer (TBE) exam.

Click here to download the complete AABC Membership & Certification package, which includes a detailed listing of membership qualifications and policies, the complete application process and timeline, information on dues and fees, and the membership application and a listing of all required attachments. Please review this entire document carefully before submitting your application to AABC.

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