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Each of the following established presentations can be expected to run approximately one hour with questions. If you are interested in more than one topic, please note in the comments which you would like to start with.
Additional topics beyond the first may need to be covered on a different day.

This practical, information-packed session explains many of the key test and balance challenges—from practical system design considerations, to the TAB Process, to obtaining meaningful and useful data—that if properly addressed in cooperation with an independent TAB firm can ensure that any project goes smoothly.

Existing, occupied buildings can benefit greatly from the TAB process. Over time, changes in building occupancy and usage, equipment aging, repairs, and modifications made (or not made) by operations and maintenance personnel can slowly degrade the performance of a building’s systems. Targeted testing and adjustments where necessary can have a significant positive impact on a building’s performance and efficiency, or in some cases highlight when a complete rebalance may be the wisest course of action.

The professionals who perform TAB, commissioning, monitoring, and measurement all have critical roles to play in achieving building optimization on behalf of the building owner – especially when they work together. Understand the value of a true team approach (engaging ALL teams throughout planning, design, and construction), the synergies between the TAB, Cx, and energy management disciplines, the need for integration between systems and controls, and the often-overlooked need for fine tuning during project closeout.

In a hospital environment, proper ventilation is critical for patient and staff health and has strict regulations and reporting associated with it. The Total System Balancing (TSB) agency must possess a breadth of knowledge in many systems and ideally have ample experience in this very specific type of construction.  This presentation will provide an overview of the Total System Balancing (TSB) approach, beginning with the design to the final report to the owner’s representatives.

The session will discuss key differences between the major certification organizations and why AABC firms bring extra value through Total System Balancing as well as our independence from design and contractor teams.  This will include key specification section topics, training requirements and on-the job practices that set AABC firms apart.  It will also include common design oversights that affect TAB services on a project.

Anyone with an interest in efficient operation of commercial HVAC systems will benefit from a working knowledge of TAB. Reduce operating energy costs and improve the comfort of building occupants by properly balancing your HVAC air and water systems.

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