AABC Endorsed Training

AABC has partnered with the Engineered Air Balance Training Center to provide technical education for the betterment of the industry and AABC members.

The EAB and AABC are working together to develop new program material that benefit certified Test & Balance Engineers (TBE) as well as certified Test & Balance Technicians (TBT).

The EAB team of experts are uniquely equipped to train the next generation of technicians, engineers and building operators. The state-of-the-art training center in Houston, Texas is committed to developing technical knowledge, expertise and problem-solving skills to move the entire industry forward.

TAB Technician Fundamentals Course

The TAB Technician Fundamentals course is a detailed, hands-on interactive program that will provide both classroom and technical instruction on basic instrumentation and procedures for air and hydronic measurements such as velocity, flow, pressure, temperature, rotational speed, electrical voltage and current, as well as correction factors and best practices. The course also covers topics such as electrical safety, fan types and systems, proportional balancing of air systems, air handling systems, ductwork and components, and basic hydronic systems and components.

Classes are led by industry professionals and participants will have a mix of classroom instruction, technical problem solving, hands-on instruction with actual equipment and instruments. Daily homework assignments are provided to reinforce knowledge gained in the classroom. At the conclusion of the course, the participant will have learned valuable skills to be proficient in the use of basic air and hydronic instrumentation, basic balancing calculations (fan/pump laws, density correction, traversing, sheave and belt sizing, etc.), and have a basic understanding of air side and water side components and systems.

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Classroom Instruction Time: 20 hours
  • Hands-On Instruction Time: 15 hours

AABC Member Discount

As a special benefit to AABC Members, EAB is offering a 20% discount on training courses and materials.

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