Balancing the Design Flow Rate for Pump Optimization

Balancing the Design Flow Rate for Pump Optimization


Hydronic balancing and pump optimization are critical aspects of commissioning and maintaining efficient hydronic systems. In this session, we will delve into the world of hydronic balancing and explore the importance of achieving a balanced system for optimal performance. We will also discuss common issues that arise in unbalanced systems and how they can impact system efficiency and performance. Furthermore, we will delve into strategic balancing methods and pump optimization techniques that can be employed to achieve optimal system performance.

Learning objectives: 

  1. Importance of balancing for system efficiency
  2. Water Flow Rate Distribution in a Variable-Flow System
  3. Common issues in an unbalanced system
  4. Strategic balancing method and pump optimization

Sponsored by: IMI Hydronic

IMI Hydronic is sponsoring AABC TAB Talk webinar on Balancing the Design Flow Rate for Pump Optimization scheduled on September 20Years of experience enable IMI Hydronic Engineering to provide solutions that deliver optimum hydronic efficiency across entire HVAC systems. We help you engineer advantage from concept to installation, saving you time, reducing installation complexity, and delivering GREAT standards of efficiency and sustainability

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Sep 20 2023


2:00 pm


  • Grant Bingham
    Grant Bingham
    Training Manager at IMI Hydronic

    Grant Bingham is the training manager with IMI Hydronic North America. With over three years of experience in the industry, Grant was involved in new product development and engineering support within the organization. His expertise in engineering support has enabled him to collaborate closely with engineers on hydronic design projects in multiple countries.

    Currently, as a training manager at IMI, Grant is responsible for providing knowledge of various system and product solutions to clients. He also provides on-site support to troubleshoot complex hydronic systems, ensuring that hydronic systems are running correctly and efficiently.

  • Muslim F. Nazarali
    Muslim F. Nazarali
    President of Air Technology Consulting, LLC.

    Muslim F. Nazarali, President of Air Technology Consulting, LLC., is certified by several testing and balancing (TAB) associations. He has been involved in the HVAC industry since 1986. He was a member of the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC) and is a member of the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB).

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