Field Analysis of HVAC Systems’ Ability to Mitigate COVID-19 Transmission (panel discussion)

Wade Conlan, P.E., CxA, Hanson Professional Services
Justin Garner, P.E., TBE, CxA, Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.
Troy Byers, P.E., TBE, CxA, Palmetto Air & Water Balance Inc.

This session will explore system analysis in the field, from the perspective of three members of the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force’s Building Readiness Team. The intent will be to review not only the approach to the review of the existing systems and how to best check the current operation but also to review how they can be improved to reduce the risk of transmission for the systems. The implementation of increased ventilation, improved filtration, adding air cleaning devices, potential re-entrainment and to identify failure points in the system. The concepts will be looked at from the commissioning and TAB perspective.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to investigate the existing systems for their ability to reduce infectious aerosol transmission
  • Learn the different engineering control strategies that are available to mitigate transmission
  • Understand the methods to check for re-entrainment
    Understand the methods to check for ERV cross-leakage


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Engineered Air Balance

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Oct 22 2020


1:00 pm


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