HVAC Retrofit Projects: What TAB &Cx Professionals Need to Know


As the stock of existing HVAC and building automation systems continues to age, building owners and managers are tasked with identifying inefficiencies and pursuing projects to address operational issues. HVAC retrofit projects need to be selective in order to reduce energy consumption and maintain or increase occupant comfort. Projects need to focus on condition of assets, life expectancy, current performance, occupant comfort, O&M history and projected return on investment through energy savings. While visual inspections and utility data are important, additional activities associated with mechanical/ BAS systems may include: select functional testing, analysis of control sequences, and key hydronic, air and electrical measurements. In addition, many institutions have sustainability and indoor environmental condition goals including: improvement in energy (EUI) benchmarks, increase in systems’ reliability, and occupant comfort criteria. Once implemented, the retrofit project provides owners and facility managers a return on investment through energy savings as well as maintaining or improving occupant comfort. An overview of a HVAC retrofit approach will be provided, along with strategies employed by commissioning consultants, energy managers, and TAB engineers used to evaluate and develop recommendations for improving building systems. Examples from previous retrofit projects will be presented.

Learning Objectives

  • The approach and key components in HVAC retrofit projects associated with buildings’ mechanical systems.
  • Integrating HVAC retrofit projects and associated budgeting with owners’ occupant comfort and energy goals.
  • Creating priorities for TAB and Cx involvement based project goals.
  • Measurement and verification strategies in assessing the effectiveness of projects, with respect to operational improvement and advancement of various energy and occupant comfort goals.
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Mar 16 2022


2:00 pm


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