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Is TAB Going away? – What do the Industry Experts Say

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Brian Venn, TBE, CxA, Mechanical Testing, Inc.
Jeremy Johnson, TBE, CxA, American Testing, Inc.
Terry Seery, President, PE, RF Peck
Peter Cailloux, PE, CFR Engineering


Most projects overlook the importance of the testing, adjusting, and balancing process from the start, but ideally, it should be implemented prior to design documents being released for bid. The TAB team may have pre-design recommendations that could save the owner and project team time, frustration, and money. This presentation will cover multiple scenarios in which TAB has been integrated throughout the construction process, emphasizing the importance of a trusted TAB report along the way.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain necessity for field calibrations
  • Explain baseline building conditions
  • Recognize the importance of baselining equipment to use only a minimum amount of brake horsepower to achieve full volume.
  • Identify how to comply with ASHRAE 90.1 and ASHRAE 60.1 for energy and ventilation yet creating a sustainable building.

Sponsored by:

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Jun 23 2021


2:00 pm


  • Brian Venn
    Brian Venn
    TBE, CxA, Mechanical Testing, Inc

    Brian Venn has 24 years in the Commissioning & Test and Balance Industry. Ranging from Distribution Centers to Cleanroom Environments, his experience is across all aspects of Commercial and Industrial applications of HVAC pertaining to the MEP discipline. Currently Certified by the Associated Air Balance Council as a Test and Balance Engineer. Additionally, Brian is certified as a Commissioning Authority by ACG.

  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson
    TBE, CxA, American Testing, Inc.

    Jeremy is a AABC Certified TBE and ACG Certified CxA with 24 years of experience. He works at American Testing, Inc., a TAB / Cx provider in the Baltimore / Washington metro area specializing in Healthcare, Bio-Containment, Laboratory, & Pharmaceutical projects. Jeremy has worked as a AABC Certified Technician for 15 years on various project ranging from 1,000 Sq Ft Tenant Office spaces to 300,000 Sq Ft University and Government Laboratory Buildings. He currently serves as the Operations Manager for ATI, supervising TAB projects, certifying TAB Reports, and estimating.

  • Peter Cailloux
    Peter Cailloux
    PE, LEED AP, CFR Engineering

    Peter is a Senior Mechanical Engineer with 10 years of experience, and is licensed in DC, MD, and VA. He works at CFR Engineering, which specializes in highly complex healthcare, research, pharmaceutical, and laboratory design. Peter has designed MEP systems for array of projects, including laboratories, medical suites, hotels, and (his favorite) breweries.

  • Terry Seery
    Terry Seery
    PE, RF Peck

    Terry is President of the RF Peck Company based in Albany, NY. RF Peck Company, Inc. is a Manufacturers Representative for HVAC Equipment with four offices serving Upstate NY and Vermont. Terry graduated from Manhattan College with a BSME in 1986 and is licensed in Massachusetts. He began his career with EYP an A&E Consulting Firm in Albany, NY and moved on in 1988 to R.G. Vanderweil Engineers in Boston, Mass. Since 1993 Terry has been in the HVAC Equipment Sales business.

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