Pre-TAB for Engineered Designs

AABC Webinar

Pre-TAB for Engineered Designs


Join a discussion led by a balancing agent and design consulting engineer focusing on pre-TAB services. The session will cover both the methodologies employed by the balancing agent to gather crucial information, and insights from the consulting engineer on leveraging this data within the design process. Together, they will explore the valuable yet often unspecified information that significantly impacts the design phase.

Learning Objectives:

1.       Define steps to set preconstruction Testing & Balancing goals for optimal system performance.

2.      Demonstrate configuring air terminal devices and hot water coils with precision for effective testing.

3.      Explore the role of balancing in troubleshooting HVAC systems, emphasizing issue identification and resolution.

4.      Identify key information for air moving devices, focusing on data critical for 50001 certification standards.

Sponsored by: Evergreen Telemetry


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Feb 21 2024


2:00 pm


  • Brendon J. Burley
    Brendon J. Burley
  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson
    TBE, CxA, American Testing, Inc.

    Jeremy is a AABC Certified TBE and ACG Certified CxA with 24 years of experience. He works at American Testing, Inc., a TAB / Cx provider in the Baltimore / Washington metro area specializing in Healthcare, Bio-Containment, Laboratory, & Pharmaceutical projects. Jeremy has worked as a AABC Certified Technician for 15 years on various project ranging from 1,000 Sq Ft Tenant Office spaces to 300,000 Sq Ft University and Government Laboratory Buildings. He currently serves as the Operations Manager for ATI, supervising TAB projects, certifying TAB Reports, and estimating.

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