Synergy Test & Balance to present on Airflow Measurement & Control with Induction Diffuser Technology

Airflow Measurement & Control with Induction Diffuser Technology


A multi-floor university building project has central AHUs serving VAVs with induction diffusers. Because airflow at induction diffusers cannot be measured directly with a flow hood, instead they are measured by pressure drop at factory installed ports. Initial work showed that VAV traverses were significantly different than induction diffuser readings. Resolving this conflict required input from the owner, designer, contractor, equipment manufacturer, and Cx provider.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain operating principles of induction diffusers
  • Describe issues related to balancing induction diffusers
  • Discuss effective coordination with project stakeholders on technical issues and expectations
  • Describe alternative methods of measuring airflow in induction diffusers

Sponsored by:

evergreen telemetry to sponsor the upcoming webinar on Airflow Distribution

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Jul 20 2022


2:00 pm


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