AABC National Performance Guaranty

Because AABC stands by the work of its member companies, the AABC National Performance Guaranty applies to any test and balance work performed by an AABC member.

How it Works

  • If the building owner or project engineer believes that the test and balance work was not performed properly, a complaint must be submitted, in writing, to AABC National Headquarters.
  • Upon receipt of the complaint, AABC will notify the member agency in question and request a written response within 14 days. The AABC Board then reviews both the complaint and the response to determine if an investigation is necessary.
  • If it is determined that an investigation is necessary, the AABC Board will appoint a representative to conduct the investigation and determine a satisfactory resolution. If necessary, the Board may at its discretion provide supervisory personnel, at no cost to the building owner, to help complete the project.


  • The Guaranty may only be invoked by the building owner, architect, or engineer of record.
  • The Guaranty is valid for one year from the date of submission of a test and balance report, provided the test and balance agency is a current member of AABC, and that no other agency has worked on the systems before AABC is contacted
  • The Guaranty is invalid where it can be shown that proper balancing could not be achieved due to equipment malfunction or improper design.

AABC‘s ultimate goal is to resolve the situation to the satisfaction of all parties involved and provide the owner with a system that operates in accordance with AABC standards, the specifications, and the design intent.


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