Thank You for Attending The 2023 AABC Annual Meeting

Thank You for Attending The 2023 AABC Annual Meeting

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Airflow Measuring Stations An Overview of Different Technologies
Scott Mahanes, University of Virginia

The Art of Testing & Balancing Outside of Standard TAB Practices
Mike Kelly, TBE, CxA, American Testing, Inc.

The Role of TAB on the Testing of HVAC systems
M. Dennis Knight, P.E., CxA, FASHRAE, Whole Building Systems, LLC

Testing, Adjusting & Balancing HVAC Systems with an Aerosol-Based Methodology
Phil Arnold, PhD,  SafeTraces

Balancing and Operational Issues of CO2-based Demand Control Ventilation
David Dougan, EBTRON

Visualizing Real-Time Contamination Risks Using Modern Methods and Technologies
Jennifer Wagner, PhD, Onsite LLC

The Evolution of the TAB Professional It’s More Than Just Showing Up to Work
Justin Garner, PE, TBE, CxA, Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.

What is a Well-Thought-Out and Well-Executed Marketing Strategy
 Eric J.Poerschke, NextLevel Thinking 

Brian Venn, TBE, CxA, Mechanical Testing, Inc.

AABC Fume Hood Testing Discussion
Gaylon Richardson, TBE, Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.

Josh Green, TBE, Environmental Test & Balance Company, LLC

Mike Morwin, TBE, CxA, Mechanical Testing, Inc..

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Hyatt Regency | Lost Pines Resort and Spa | October 9 – 11, 2024

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Ameritech Data Solutions

Leader in Custom Application Development and IT Services. Applications forTAB, commissioning, and clean room firms; and IT services to protect your systems and data from breaches, loses, and hacking.

Evergreen Telementry

Evergreen Telemetry manufactures the unique Wrist ReporterTM, a 6-in-1 meter for Air & Water Pressure / Velocity / Flow / Temperature / Humidity / CO2. The patented Wrist ReporterTM is used for air balancing, commissioning, and troubleshooting in commercial buildings, cleanrooms, and residences. The Wrist ReporterTM displays real-time results from as many as ten wireless sensors at ten different locations. Applications include duct traverse, flow damper setting, ventilation calculations, duct pressures, room-to-room pressure hierarchies, coil performance testing, hood certification, and wireless datalogging. This high-productivity instrument makes TAB and Cx Faster, Easier, Safer.

EAB is sponsoring the webinar on Electric Safety Basics with AABC

Engineered Air Balance Co. Training

Engineered Air Balance is the leading authority in total system balancing, building commissioning, and critical environment certifications at the forefront of industry standards and training. EAB has developed exclusive competency-based learning programs to provide practical industry training. Instructor-led classes with hands-on demonstrations offer enhanced learning opportunities to introduce and reinforce skills. The multidisciplinary courses will increase proficiencies needed for total system balancing, building commissioning, control sequence verification of HVAC systems, building optimization and much more.

Instruments Direct

For over 40 years, Instruments Direct has been a leading solution for ultrasonic flow meter technology. We offer sales, rental, tech support, calibration and training. www.instrumentsdirect.comTSI, Inc. has provided reliable instrumentation to TAB professionals for more than 50 years. With TSI, you can be confident in your measurements when testing the HVAC systems you service.

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