Ebtron - Presents on ASHRAE Standard 62.1 and Recent Changes That Impact the TAB Community

ASHRAE Standard 62.1 and Recent Changes That Impact the TAB Community


ASHRAE Standard 62.1 Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality is the leading authority for design and operational parameters used as a basis to create and maintain healthy indoor built environment for nonresidential buildings.  As a continuous maintenance standard, it is re-issued every three years based on publicly reviewed addenda reflecting state of the industry efforts to improve indoor air quality.  Local Mechanical Codes are one or two cycles behind. This presentation will review recent changes that impact the Design, TAB, Commissioning, and Operation of new and existing buildings.

Learning Objectives:

  • The purpose of the Standard
  • Identify upcoming changes in the 2022 Standard
  • Understand subtleties in the Standard that impact ventilation
  • Gain insight into differences between UMC, IMC, and 62.1

Sponsored By: EBTRON

Ebtron - Presents on ASHRAE Standard 62.1 and Recent Changes That Impact the TAB Community

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Aug 17 2022


2:00 pm


  • Darryl DeAngelis
    Darryl DeAngelis
    Director Of Business Development at EBTRON

    Darryl DeAngelis has a B.S. in Marine Engineering from the Massachusetts
    Maritime Academy and has spent 30+ years in the HVAC industry working as a contractor, system designer, consultant engineer, product development engineer, sales manager, product manager, and market intelligence manager. He currently is the Director of Business Development for Ebtron.

    A 20 year member of ASHRAE, he has been active in ASHRAE technical and standard committees in the development of standards and guidelines including 11, 62.1, 90.1, 180, and 207. He is currently vice chair on TC 7.7 Testing and Balancing and a voting member 62.1 Ventilation subcommittee. He is a participating voting member in ASTM, and a member of ISIAQ and I2SL. He was previously an active member of the Western HVAC Performance Alliance serving on CQM and FDD committees, and the Mechanical Contractors Association of America, and AMCA’s High Performance Air Systems working group.

    Darryl has three HVAC related patents and received his LEED AP in 2003.

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