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AABC industry partner

The AABC Industry Partner Program has several categories, based on whether you are an individual or a company and the way in which you would like to engage with AABC and its members. See below to decide what is right for you:

For Companies Who Count AABC Members as their Customers: the AABC Industry Partner is custom designed for you, giving you benefits and packaged discounts tied to exhibiting, advertising, targeted emails and social media posts as well as a webinar opportunity, to maximize your potential engagement with AABC members.

Target audience:

  • Manufacturers of hoods & other measurement devices
  • Balancing/commissioning software, etc.

For Manufacturers of HVAC Systems & Equipment: the AABC Industry Partner program described above is open to you. However, there may be a more customized discussion and relationship that you and AABC can develop. We’ll arrange a targeted conversation to explore ways to help AABC firms understand and balance your equipment more efficiently, which in turn will make them shine for the end user, the building owner.

Target audience:

  • Controls companies;
  • Manufacturers of motors and drives, pumps, air handling units, coils, or any other equipment and systems commonly tested in a TAB scope.

For Individual Industry Professionals: the AABC Industry Associate is designed for you. For a nominal fee this classification will ensure you receive regular information on all AABC publications and programs, and stay connected to the industry’s #1 source for quality test and balance information.

Target audience:

  • Design professionals
  • Commissioning or energy service providers
  • Facility managers or owner’s reps, contractors.
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