• 1 DVD or 4 VHS tapes, 2 hour total running time List price: $495.00 Member price: $195.00 A series of four (4) test and balance training videos produced by AABC. Videos consist of: Introduction to AABC and Total System Balance, How to Set Up Fans for Balancing and Taking a Total Air Pitot Tube Traverse, Balancing Single Zone Systems, and Balancing Multi-Zone Systems. The visual presentation of proper TAB procedures allows both new and more seasoned technicians to understand and follow standardized procedures for Total System Balance. DVD format is not playable on a CD-only drive.
  • Training video, DVD format, run time 42 minutes List price: $200.00 Member price: $150.00 This volume consists of two lessons covering standard duct leakage testing and pressure decay leakage testing. These lessons take the viewer through an introduction to leakage testing, essential job preparation, instrumentation used during testing, general procedures for leakage testing, multiple calculations used during testing and final reporting. Includes interactive quizzes and commentary from industry experts.
  • 2nd edition, 479 pages, CD or digital PDF *only* List price: $95.00 Member price: $50.00 This in-depth manual designed for training test and balance technicians covers all aspects of total system balance, including diagrams, illustrations and review questions. A companion Instructor’s Guide is also included to facilitate the learning process and help gauge progress
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